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Elevate is the middle school ministry of CBT, and has the purpose of pointing students to Christ through biblical instruction and by building positive friendships. We understand that these years are the most important period of time for spiritual decisions in the lives of our students. If we want to impact the lives of middle school students, this is the best opportunity. Our purpose is two-fold: First, we want our students to learn; they will never apply biblical principles to their life until they know what those principles are. Second, we want our students to have accountability in their lives. Positive encouragement and accountability from Christian friends can help combat the negative influences that many students are familiar with. We have a dynamic curriculum that is specifically designed to help middle school students through these transitional years of their lives. While in the Middle School Department students will study the following topics: [list type=”check”]

  • Creation
  • Who God Is
  • Family Matters
  • Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Changes
  • Pain and Struggles
  • Sexuality: What was God Thinking?
  • Growing with Jesus
  • Living on Purpose
  • Integrity
  • Spiritual Growth
  • Putting a Stamp on your World
  • Understanding other Religions
  • Preparing for Healthy Relationships


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[/list] Elevate is led by Mr. Trent Dibell and many adult leaders who want to help students focus on the Lord during these crucial years of their life.