Our sports ministry was formed in order to bring more fellowship to our church family and also to provide a way for us as followers of Christ to build redemptive relationships in our community. By getting involved in this ministry it becomes increasingly more important that our actions, attitude and motivation honors and glorifies the Lord.

Below, you will find basic information about the various sports activities our church has to offer. If you have more questions, please contact Mike Fisher, our Sports Director.

Adult CO-ED Softball League (Season taking place now)



Faith vs. CBT @ 7:15 pm

NICC East Field


CBT vs. T&G Youth @ 6:15 pm

NICC East Field


CBT vs. AACOG Purple @ 6:15 pm

AACOG Purple vs. CBT @ 7:15 pm

NICC East Field


CBT vs. Grace @ 7:15 pm

NICC East Field


CBT vs. AACOG Black @ 7:15 pm

Otterbein United Methodist Church Field


Faith vs. CBT @ 6:15 pm

NICC West Field


T&G Youth vs. CBT @ 7:15 pm

NICC  West Field


Game cancelled due to weather


AACOG Purple vs. CBT @ 6:15 pm

NICC (North Industry Christian Church) East Field


Addresses they play at:

Otterbein United Methodist Church

6025 Shepler Church Ave SW

Navarre, OH 44662

North Industry Christian Church

425 45th St SW

Canton, OH 44706


Karate Classes – Taking place now (New attendees can join at any time)

Print off the Karate registration form here


Flag Football (Fall Months)

Adult CO-ED Volleyball League (Winter Months)

Adult Men’s Basketball League (Winter Months)

Archery Club (Winter Months)

Children’s Basketball League (Winter Months)